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Shed light on returns

In the UK, 30-40% of clothing bought online is returned. We're here to change that.

What'sMySize are retail consultants with one aim: to reduce your costs by reducing your returns. Our team is widely experienced in both ecommerce and bricks & mortar retailing, from day-to-day operations through to digital design; experience we put to good use helping major UK retailers cut costs whilst delivering a better service for their customers.

We all know that one size rarely fits all, and neither does one solution. To identify your business' particular areas of need, we use our 4 step process (Review, Recommend, Change, Support) and our unique What'sMySize SaaS technology to help you to better understand and guide your customers, streamline your returns system, and effectively reduce returns costs for your business.

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Simple eCommerce Technology

Our research has shown that the most consistent reasons given for returns are "wrong size" and "poor fit". Using our SaaS technology we can automate your size guides to make it easier for shoppers to find their correct size in the product they are looking at, with no confusing charts.

Our service adds an interactive "What's My Size?" popup to your standard product page, which can be fully customised to match your brand, and tailored to your customers' needs, providing the best fit for both you and them. It's an easy integration, just a few lines of Javascript, with no back office changes or new processes required.

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effectively automating the size guide
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What'sMySize are a team with a strong retail and digital background and a passion for returns reduction. Meet the team.

Contact us to find out about What'sMySize products and how we have been helping online retailers reduce returns.

WhatsMySize is a service of WhatsMySize Ltd a company registered in England and Wales under number 8506482.